Baba Yaga
The Dark Dame
Hundreds of years
Find and bring back her coven of fellow Witches
Rid the Earth of all fairies
Allies and Comrades
Unknown witches of her long-lost Coven
Enemies and Adversaries
Magical Powers and Skills
Witches' magic
Dark arts
Transformation/Shapeshifters magic
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Baba Yaga is the true form of Venomya, a blonde-haired critic who was constantly sabotaging the Winx Club band's concerts at every opportunity.

She is the third main antagonist to appear in World of Winx and would have been the primary villainess had there been a third season.

History Edit

She had made her presence known only to Bloom, whom she appeared to in a vision, in the Season 2 finale of World of Winx. After revealing herself as the true form and identity of the devious Venomya, the Dark Dame had warned Bloom of her imminent evil plans; that she would find and revive her long-gone coven of witches and take over the Earth as she claimed there was not enough room for both witches and fairies in the world.

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