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 Valtor is a wizard who aspires to be the greatest wizard of all. He turns people into monsters that willingly serve him and places a mark that looks like a "V" on other people so they too will serve him. By doing so he hopes to be able to conquer each planet or realm. He was created from the Dragon Fire by the Three Ancient Witches. He was with them when they destroyed Sparks, but was sent to the Omega Dimension as punishment. Seventeen years later, the Trix are sent there as well, where they freed him from his prison. They escape and he begins conquering Andros, Layla's home planet. Valtor then moves on to Solaria where he restores his lost powers with the planet's second sun. In their youth, he and Ms. Griffin were magical companions. During that time he meets Bloom's parents, Queen Marion and King Oritel of Domino, who are both stronger than he is. However, he tricks them and supposedly kills them the day Sparks is destroyed. He is shown to make those who defeat him miserable. He hunts down Faragonda, Griffin and Saladin, imprisoning them. In the second-to-last episode of season three, Valtor transforms into a demon and unleashes a spell known as the Spell of the Elements, sending elemental attacks in four directions: water (flooding) to Cloudtower, wind (tornadoes) to Redfountain, fire (forever-burning, impossible to put out) to Alfea and earth (earthquakes) to Magix. However, the Winx manage to release all the spells that Valtor had stolen. In the final episode, Valtor is defeated by Bloom in his demon form from the inside out and banished to the Realm of Oblivion along with the Three Ancient Witches. He functions as the primary villain of season three. Sean Schemmel voices Baltor in the 4Kids version and Guido Di Naccio in the original version. In the 4Kids version, his name is changed from Valtor to Baltor. In the Nickelodeon dub, he is voiced by Josh Keaton

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