Winx/Fairy is the most basic and standard fairy form. It's been used in the first, second and first half of the third season. Winx is also the most simple forms, with simple color schemes. The Winx Club's wings are very plain and the clothing only consists of mini skirts or shorts with tops or dresses. Accessories are minimal, with only a few things, eg: Bloom's is a tiara and Stella's is a headband. The Winx's shoes are often some type of boots or heels. 

Charmix is a temporary transformation in the second season. It magnifies a fairy's powers and spells, which makes them a lot stronger and they can cast a more powerful spell than in their Winx form. The Charmix is earned when the Winx girls overcome a problem or their emotional turmoil, eg: Flora admitted her feelings for Helia, earning herself her Charmix form.

The Girls received a personalized brooch and a shoulder or waist bag. Charmix is the only transformation where there is no outfit change, instead they only get accessories.

Enchantix is the third fairy transformation and is introduced in the third season. Enchantix is the fairy power required to graduate from Alfea and become a full fledged guardian fairy. Enchantix is earned when they save someone from their home planet and show great sacrifice while doing so. Like every other transformation, becoming Enchantix makes the fairies stronger than their previous form. There are also many things the fairies have earned once they become an Enchantix, eg: the girls can decrease in size - miniaturization, they can also heal themselves and others.However if Enchantix is gained in another way or is incomplete, the fairy cannot use her miniaturization powers and may easily lose control.

Enchantix fairies wear flowing clothes and barefoot sandals. Their wings are bigger and more colorful than before, and they often have jewels hanging off of them. Their outfits are also brighter and more complicated than their Winx and Charmix form. Some of the Winx Club's hair also change, some grows longer and some changes color. Their hair changes hairstyles too, often decorated, braided or beaded. Some wear tiaras and some wear other hair accessories. Also, they wear chokers which holds their Fairy Dust and wear different coloured gloves that match their outfit.

  • The Fairy Dust can break dark spell, purify evil, overcome dark magic and dispel darkness. The Fairy Dust is kept in their Enchantix wings, or their pendants or a necklace.

Enchantix is the final form of transformation for fairies, but Miss Faragonda tells the girls there is an infinite number of higher level fairy forms, which can be earned by fairies who's already earned their Enchantix form.

Believix is introduced in the fourth season. The Believix form is earned by making people believe in magic. Believix is a transformation where the girls can and have the power to reach to people's hearts. The Winx Club earned their Believix transformation when they tried to make the people of Earth to believe in fairies and magic again. Also, the more people believing in the Winx, the stronger and the more powers they gain.

The fairies outfits are more casual-themed in the main form, than their other forms. As the Believix form was gained on Earth, their outfits are similar to Earth's clothing. Their outfits consists of skirts or capri pants with knee-high socks and boots or sandals.

The 3 Special Believix Wings the girls have earned are:

  • Speedix are wings that gives the girls a speed boost. The Speedix wings are larger than any of their other wings, except for their Enchantix wings. The colors of their wings match the colors of their Believix outfit. The patterns on the girls' wings doesn't really differ from each other, only the colors vary.
  • Zoomix are wings used for teleportation. A fairy can use this to teleport herself and others to a specific location. The Zoomix wings are thin and are an 'X' shape. Similar to the Speediz and Tracix wings, the colors of the Zoomix wings are the only thing that differs the girls wings from each others.
  • Tracix are the wings that they use to see visions of the past. The Tracix wings is the second largest out of the three Believix wings- (four including the normal Believix wings).

The Gifts of Destiny are the powers given to the Winx by the Ethereal Fairies so that they will be able to fight the Major Fairies of Earth, these special powers are:

  • Sophix is a sub-transformation of Believix. Sophix is the Gift of Wisdom and was given to the Winx by the Blue Fairy. Sophix is the power to magically unite with nature and is the first gift of the Gifts of Destiny. The Sophix outfit consists of a skirt or flowy capri pants. The shoes are strappy sandals and the Sophix wings are more leaf-liked designs.
  • Lovix is the Gift of Heart and was given by the Green Fairy. Lovix inspires the fairies enough courage to face a great danger they must face. Lovix gave the Winx the power of ice. The Winx Lovix form is a more wintery versions of their Believix outfits, with the clothing covering more skin and fur on hemlines. The wings have less details, but has been jeweled.
  • The Black Gift or The Gift of Darkness is the most dangerous and was given by the Orange Fairy. The Gift of Darkness has the power to restore life to the dead, but can only be used once by each fairy. The Black Gift is a dark sphere with purple lighting streaks going around it.

Harmonix is a fairy power given by the book of Sirenix in the fifth season. Harmonix is also a temporary transformation after Believix. The Harmonix form is used by the Winx because their Believix form is weaker and less effective underwater. The Winx needs the Harmonix form to gain the next fairy form, the Sirenix. The Sirenix Book has given each Winx a Sirenix Box which contains their Sirenix Guardian, which allows them to fight in mid-air, on land and underwater.

Most of the girls' hair are styled in loose ponytails, with hair accessories like seashell tiaras, seashell barrettes or seashells on their foreheads. The Harmonix outfits consists of a strapless dress or top, or a one-shoulder strap, with a mini skirt, a type of cape attached to their skirts and a belt. The girls are wearing high heeled sandals, with ribbons attached to them, going up the Winx legs- there are long ribbon strips loosely hanging around knee-level, the ribbon strips are usually two different colors, similar to the fairy's color scheme, eg: Musa's Harmonix outfit is purple and her ribbon strips are purple and red. Their Harmonix wings are bigger than their Winx wings, but smaller than their bigger ones like Enchantix.

Sirenix is a mystical fairy power created by the infinite ocean itself and is introduced in the fifth season. The Winx Club earned this form in order to be stronger to fight against Tritannus and the Trix. The Winx also needs the Sirenix form in order to enter the Infinite Ocean. In order to obtain the Sirenix form, the Winx must find three Gems; the Gem of Self Confidence, Empathy and Courage for her own Sirenix box within one Lunar Cycle, while being guided by riddles from the book of Sirenix and help from their Sirenix Guardian. But if they fail, they will lose all their powers forever. The fairies must cross the portal to the Infinite Ocean to become Sirenix fairies, which is guided by Omnia, the Supreme Guardian of Sirenix. After gaining Sirenix, each fairy is given a wish whcich she can ask her Guardian of Sirenix to grant.

The girls' hair are mostly in ponytails, which changes color when they are underwater. The Sirenix outfit consists of a sparkly mermaid top, a belt, mermaid skinned leggings with tail fins and boots with ribbons wrapped around their legs. The girls also has bracelets made of flower or marine creatures and strips of ribbons wrapped around one of their arms, and a piece of hair accessory.

Bloomix in Season 6, the Trix take over Cloud Tower and ally with a witch named Selina, who owns a magic book called the Legendarium that can make legendary creatures come to life. When the Trix attack Linphea, the Winx attempt to fight them, but the Legendarium strips them of their powers, except Bloom (because the power of the Great Dragon cannot be taken from its keeper). Bloom then shares parts of her Dragon Flame with the other Winx girls who will have to perform good actions worthy of a fairy to earn a new transformation.The outfits are armor-like, with armor-like shapes and pieces of translucent cloth attached to the outfits and the leggings attached to their shoes. Each outfit focuses on an fairy's personality and power. Each fairy wears a tiara containing a piece of the Dragon Flame on her forehead. The hair is decorated, braided, tied, put up in a bun, etc. The wings are big and have jewels hanging off of them. There are dragon scale-like features in the fairies' outfits.To earn Bloomix, a fairy must have a part of the Dragon Flame. She must then perform a good and courageous act worthy of a fairy.






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