Charmix is a object obtained when a fairy does something that helps them get in touch with their true self. A Charmix accompanies a special transformation. It usually has a crystal of some sort on the upper outfit and a purse of some sort on the shorts/skirt. In the 4kids dub, the Charmix transformation sequence was shortened and thus wasn't very detailed. A Charmix, when called upon by a fairy, enhances the fairy's powers and also grants them new powers. The Charmix seems to have a limit when the user doesn't have any more Winx (as shown when the Winx girls weren't allowed to access their Winx during their stay in the Resort Realm). The Charmix disappears when the Winx within the Charmix has run out. It appears that when the fairy can use her Winx, the power within the Charmix gets even stronger, further enhancing the powers of the fairy. It is said that the Charmix and the Gloomix are equal in power.

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