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Chi ChattaEdit

Chatta è il Pixie di Gossip, lei è legato pixie di Flora. Ha aiutato Flora esprimere i suoi sentimenti riguardo Helia, con lasciare Flora guadagna il suo Charmix. Si può tradurre la lingua del bambino di Piff. Chatta è uscita e lei conosce i segreti di tutti.


Chatta has Blonde hair and it is tied into pigtails with curls at the end. Her eyes are large and amber-colored. She wears a yellow-green top with a green skirt and green boots. Her wings are blue and sparkly.


Season 1Edit

Chatta did not appear in Season 1

Season 2Edit

Chatta is rescued by Aisha/Layla, Bloom, and Stella during their attempt to save the pixies. Chatta bonds with Flora and she also helps Flora confess her feelings about Helia.

Season 3Edit

Chatta, as usual, accompanies the other pixies. She also got to fight the Trix for a while, when the Winx were on a mission. Stormy cast a spell to make the pixies bigger, but she accidentally made them too big. The Trix end up escaping with Valtor.

Season 4Edit

Chatta did not appear much in Season 4.

Season 5Edit

Chatta did not appear in season 5


Italy- Perla Liberatori

USA- Rebecca Handler (4kids)


  • Chatta is often mistaken, as being Stella's bonded pixie because she has a similar hair style as Stella in her Winx form.

CHATTA IS OFTEN MISTAKEN ,AS BEINg bloom ,s bonden pixi because she has a similar hair style as bloom in her winx from