Also Known As
In the very center of the magical universe itself
Frozen in solid ice for 17 long years (Seasons 1-3)
Fully restored to its former glory and beauty (1st movie)
Known For
*Being the most beautiful world of the entire magic universe
  • Home to the Great Dragon itself
  • Where the Dragon Fire, very source of the magic universe resides
Invaded by
The three Ancient Witches
First Appearance
"Secret Guardian" (flashback)
The Secret of the Lost Kingdom
Final Appearance

Domino (renamed Sparx in the 4kids version and the second 3D movie) was/is the central world of the magical universe, where the fabled Great Dragon itself had rested and became one with.

Appearances Edit

Season One Edit

  • Secret Guardian (debut; flashback)
  • Magical Reality Check (virtual version)
  • Pushing the Envelope (flashback)
  • Senior Witches Go to Earth (flashback)
  • Sparks of Hope (actual debut)
  • The Frozen Palace

Season Three Edit

  • Beauty Is a Beast (vision)
  • The Mirror of Truth (flashback)

Season Four Edit

Season Five Edit

  • Test of Courage
  • The Pillar of Light
  • The Devourer
  • The Singing Whales
  • Saving Paradise Bay

Season Six Edit

  • Inspiration of Sirenix
  • Vortex of Flames
  • Acheron
  • Winx Forever

Season Seven Edit

  • The Magix Rainbow

Season Eight Edit