Season 1

1. Bloom, the fairy of the dragon

2. Welcome to Alfea

3. Stella, fairy of Sparks

4. Flora, the fairy of nature

5. The black lagune

6. Mission in Cloud Tower

7. Musa, the fairy of music

8. Tecna, fairy of techno

9. The trap

10. The mission of Bloom

11. Moving directions

12. Miss Magix

13. A new start

14. The secret of Bloom

15. The test of Alfea

16. The shadowmonster

17. Betrayed!

18. The battle

19. The war of Magix

20. Welcome to Sparks

21. The holy crown

22. The attack

23. A new hope

24. The lake

25. The last battle

26. The day of Destiny

Season 2

  1. The best day
  2. A new fairy
  3. Aisha, the fairy of waves
  4. the kingdom
  5. the wedding day
  6. Stella saves the day
  7. The mystery of the stone
  8. Welcome to Red Fountain
  9. The new teacher
  10. The quest for the Codex
  11. the fairy attack!
  12. A night to remember
  13. the secret of the pixies
  14. Saving the princess
  15. The show must go on
  16. Hallowinx
  17. The cloud tower
  18. The battle of the Codex
  19. The last piece
  20. The pixievillage
  21. Charmix power
  22. Danger in the wildlands
  23. Time for truth
  24. The prisoner of Darkar
  25. The shadowphoenix
  26. The phoenix fight

NOTE Episode titles may not be correct

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