Harmonix is a temporary transformation of Season 5. It aims at facilitating the quest for Sirenix.

Obtaining Edit

When the fairies manage to open the Book of Sirenix, the search begins and the book gives along the Sirenix boxes, the power of Harmonix, in order that they can move quickly underwater, overcome obstacles and solve the riddles from the book and so pass to Sirenix.

Appearance Edit

The outfit of a Harmonix fairy has three colors related to each other and consists of a top with a strap over one shoulder, a belt, a skirt or tutu with a transparent blanket that gives the appearance of a mermaid tail. High-heeled sandals with long ribbons of two different colors that reach legs. The hair is long and can be decorated with a tiara or marine oysters and the wings are slightly smaller than those of Believix to overcome any obstacles during the search.

Gallery Edit

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