|Box title = Icy |image = File:Icy.png |imagewidth = 300px |Row 1 title = Gender: |Row 1 info = Female |Row 2 title = Affiliation: |Row 2 info = Trix, Cloud Tower, Baltor |Row 3 title = Enemies: |Row 3 info = The Winx Club (Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Layla, Tecna) |Row 4 title = Friends: |Row 4 info = The Trix (Stormy & Darcy) |Row 5 title = Age: |Row 5 info = 18 (Season 1) The leader and the oldest of the trio, her name refers to her powers of ice. She enjoys torturing pixies and despises Bloom and her friends, therefore she is most competitive with the girls for the whole series. She is the most powerful of the three. In comparison to her sisters, she is more aggressive than Darcy, but calmer than Stormy. In season two, Darkar gives Icy a light blue necklace(Gloomix) that makes a perfect shape around her neck then makes a wider circle shape and ends with a diamond. Icy is also given the form Disenchantix in season 3, as do Stormy and Darcy. She is voiced by Larisa Oleynik in the Nickelodeon dub.In season 5 she crushes on Tritannus leaving her two sisters behind.Trytannus gives them dark sirenix.

Appearance Edit

Icy is a young girl with long icy white hair.

She has blue eyes

Icy's Freeze GalleryEdit

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