This is the page for all of Bloom's outfits. Most of her outfits are blue and pink.

Formal Dance
Bloom wears a light two piece outfit: a crop top, detached sleeves with longs strings flowing from them, and a pencil skirt.

Bloom wears three dresses in shopping outfits. The first is a pink dress, second is yellow dress with yellow gloves and third is blue-navy dress with navy gloves wrist.

Casual Dance
Bloom's casual dance outfit is a white shirt with blue-green short sleeves, and a blue miniskirt. She wears white sneakers with blue-green leg warmers going up to just under her knees.

Domino Suit
Bloom's Domino suit is the same as the other Winx girls - a dark blue coat, pants and knee high boots. White fur lines the coat and hood.

Bloom's pajamas are a long sleeve light blue top with a yellow angle wings in the middle. Her pants are sky blue sweats. In the Nick Version, the pajamas are altered. The top is is now a blue baby-doll top while the bottom is a pair of shorts.

Bloom's explorer outfit is roughly the same as the other Winx girls: light blue long socks, long beige boots with high heels, a short sleeve beige jacket with pockets over a light blue short sleeve shirt, and beige shorts with pockets and a brown belt. In some versions, she has a beige midriff top with no sleeves, and the socks are light beige.

She wears a blue-gray motorcyclist suit with padding.

Back to School
Bloom's back to school outfit is a white and blue midriff with yellow hearts, a ruffled denim skirt, blue and white knee socks, blue wedges, a yellow arm band and a blue headband with a yellow heart. In the Nick dub the outfit is a blue midriff with pink hearts, a pink ruffled denim skirt, blue and white knee socks, blue wedges and a yellow arm band.

Bloom wears a yellow belly hoody with pink accents and 2 slanted pockets on each side. She wears jeans with 2 pink bands at the top and 1 yellow at the bottom. Her shoes are pink laced boots with a light blue heel and tip outline.

Bloom's swimsuit is a green bikini top with matching boy-shorts with a hot pink string holding up the top. Her shorts have a pink belt with hearts. She wears a blue bandanna and has a pink band on her right arm.

Bloom's Camping Outfit is a pink bikini top with pink and white blue-rimmed blue hearts. She wears a blue skirt with the same pattern on the waist. She also wears three bracelets on her right arm, green, blue and pink, and a blue bandanna. She wears pink sandals.

Bloom wears a similar outfit from Season 1 which is also called Explorer, but in this one she isn't wearing a blue shirt, in the nick version she is wearing a blue shirt as well as knee high blue socks.

Alternate Civilian
Bloom wears a light blue and white collared short sleeve midriff/crop top with four dark pink hearts on the right side,a short layered dark denim skirt,really long light blue knee socks, dark blue high heels with dark pink laces, and a dark pink band which is (measuring from the bottom of her arm) three quarters up her arm. Her hair is loose.

Bloom's ski outfit is a dark green coat with white fur. Her pants are pale blue and she has khaki colored boots. She wears yellow goggles and has yellow skis. She also wears a yellow turtleneck top under her outfit.

Civilian Outfit
Bloom's civilian outfit consists of a blue and white striped midriff top with small pink hearts and a ruffly denim skirt. She also wears a pink arm-band on her left arm and over-the-knee blue socks. Her shoes are dark blue platform boots with white tips and pink lace

Biker Chick
Bloom's biker chick outfit consists of a long sleeved hot pink top with green lining which has a green logo with the letter B in the middle. She wears hot pink shorts with light pink linings. She also wear green gloves. She also wears a purple helmet with a yellow and green line on top of it. Her boots are purple-blue with light pink laces.

Dance Class
Bloom's dance class outfit is a blue midriff top with a knee length blue ruffled skirt with a bow. She wears pink striped gloves and leggings of the same pattern on her thighs. Her shoes are pink ballet like shoes and she has a yellow heart clip in her hair.

Bloom wears a pale blue midriff shirt with a big pink heart in the middle. She also has smaller hearts on her sleeves. She has a blue French hat with 3 pink hearts on it and she wears golden earrings. She also has blue mini-shorts with pink tights underneath and blue boots.

Eraklyon Princess
Bloom's dress is a blue bodice with short lace sleeves and pink flowers, a long skirt with pink flowers and pink layers at the middle. She has pale blue gloves on with pink decorations at the wrists. Her hair is half up, half down and she wears a blue and purple headband with pink flowers on her hair. A pink ribbon is just under her chest.

Bloom's pajamas consist of a pink and cream colored top with green hearts where the straps meet the actual top and blue frills at the bottom of the top. She also wears cream colored shorts with small pink stripe above some more blue frills and a pink bow with a green center. She also wears two green fuzzy wristbands. She wears socks that go from her ankles to her knees. They are green at the top and the bottom and have pink and blue stripes in between. Her shoes are blue heels with furry pink tips. Her hair is also in two braids with a pink headband with a green bow.

Bloom's raincoat is a hot-pink bodice with pale pink sleeves with red hearts on them. She has on sky blue boots with a blue- green turn down, a lime green bow at the top on the outside, and turquoise heels. Bloom wears pale pink socks with red hearts. A pink long sleeved top is under her coat. She has green gloves on. Bloom has a blue cap on. Under the raincoat she wears a belly lime green top with pink buttons and frilly trims. The sleeves poof out, have magenta stitches, have pink frill, goes out lime green till her wrist then has a pink edge. She wears magenta shorts with a turquoise belt with magenta diamonds on it and a turquoise belt for a buckle.

Bloom's first shopping outfit is a lavender dress with blue and lavender ruffles and a blue feather strapping her shoulder with a pink bow holding it in place. She also wears strapy pink arm bands on her wrists. Bloom's second shopping outfit is a long red dress revealing her stomach with a gold belt by the waist and over-the-elbow light blue gloves. Bloom's last shopping outfit is a rock star outfit with a midnight blue midriff top, purple pants, and a pink puffy wig.

Alternate Civilian
Bloom is wearing a pink shirt with a heart on it on top of a long sleeve turquoise shirt. She has a layered ruffle skirt and knee high pink socks. Her shoes are the same one's that she wears in her civilian and back to school outfits. Bloom's hair stays the same.

Omega Mission
Bloom wears a black oversized shirt that have red patterns along the collar and the bottom of it. She has on yellow sunglasses and black tights and also wears gloves. Bloom's hair is her normal hairstyle

Bloom wears a pink ruffle sleeve top with white, soft pink, and blue polka-dots, yellow trim, and a blue heart emblem with a blue puffy skirt and a gold belt with a pink and white polka-dot bow. Her shoes are heels(same as the top) with a yellow toe ribbon and a blue ankle cover. She also wears pink bangle bracelets. Her hair is knee-length with her bangs uneven to the right.

Bloom's dress is a light aqua-green minidress, held up with light blue straps connected down to a blue ruffle on top, with white polka dots and a sky blue ruffle that is trimmed with a dark blue ribbon. Around her waist is a wide sky blue belt tied with a pink ribbon. Her shoes are sky blue boots with a yellow ankle strap. Bloom's hair is pinned back, similar to Enchantix, with a yellow heart clip.

Bloom wears a yellow jumpsuit with many light blue pockets. She has light blue socks with red, gold and blue trainers. She wears a blue hat with a red stripe across it. Her hair is tied back into two long braids.

Bloom's exercise outfit is a sky blue, short sleeved top, with pale pink trim, and a pink, yellow-trimmed crop tank over it. Her skirt is sky blue with a light blue ruffle underneath, and a blue and pink belt. The shoes are yellow and pink striped sneakers with a little bow, and she wears pink and blue striped leg warmers over them.

Love & Pet
Bloom's Love and Pet outfit is a yellow and green polka dot top with a blue and pink sweater. She has blue and pink shorts on. Her shoes are yellow and pink sneakers and blue leg warmers.

Bloom wears a blue top with a pink wrap mini dress over it. She wears light blue tights with rainbows and clouds on it and red ankle boots.

Bloom's cowgirl outfit is an orange, blue and pink halter top. She wears blue jeans with brown coverings. Her boots are pink and brown. She has a pink arm band on her right arm and two pink and orange bangles. She has a brown flower belt and her hair is braided.

Frutti Music Bar
Bloom's Frutti Music Bar outfit is a yellow off-shoulder top with a green halter, an off-white denim skirt with rose pink trim, and yellow sandals.

Bloom's Painting outfit is a green long sleeved, off the shoulder top and and white, puffy overalls with a red ribbon on the front. Her shoes are green soled gladiator sandals with red laces.

Her pajamas is a pink top under a yellow crop tank top. She wears knee length blue cropped leggings with a yellow belt and fuchsia pants under the blue leggings.

Bloom's band outfit is a dark blue plaid skirt with a dark blue shirt with a light blue off-shoulder shirt layered on top. She wears pink leggings under a navy and cyan plaid skirt, with chains, and pink and black low heeled ballet flats. She has a cyan and rose beaded bracelet on her right arm and a cyan and rose beaded ankle bracelet with a light blue heart on her left leg.

Bloom's swimsuit is a light blue shell top with thin pink tie straps, a pink bikini bottom with small light blue shell clips, and pink and blue heeled sandals. Her hair is smoothed back, and pink shell earrings.

Bloom wears a pink top with blue hearts in the right corner and a strap on her left shoulder, off-the-shoulder sleeve on her right arm, and a blue bow on the strap. She also sports a light blue sleeveless midriff top with pink buttons over the pink top and a blue ruffled mini-skirt. She accessorizes with two blue beaded necklaces, two blue bangles, and pink over-the-knee socks. Her shoes are light blue high-heeled boots with blue heels and blue ribbons wrapped around her leg and tying on the back her hamstring. Her hair is knee-length and her bangs are parted mostly to the right and cheek length, but the other side is pulled behind her ear with a short piece hanging down and is decorated with a light blue barrette on the right side of her head.

Bloom wears a pale blue tunic with black trimming and a slopping right sleeve under a pink midriff tank-top. She also wears purple leggings. She accessorizes with a light blue headband, light blue elbow-length fingerless gloves, a black cuff-bracelet on her left arm, and multi-colored bangles on her right arm. Her shoes are hot pink open-toe platform boots with black heels, black straps around the top, and pale blue straps on the top of her feet. Her Hair is knee-length with her original style and pink highlights.

Bloom wears a light blue short-sleeve top under a navy blue striped-vest with a pink collar and navy blue striped mini-shorts. Her shoes are pink high-heeled ankle boots with navy heels and hot pink stripes going under the soles. She accessorizes with a navy blue cap that has pink beads and a pink flower along the rim, two pink beaded-necklaces with a gem on the end of one, a pink thick-bracelet, navy blue over-the-knee socks, and light blue ankle socks. Her hair is in its Civilian form with a gold barrette on the right side.

Bloom wears a white, tube top with dark blue trim under an off-the-shoulder, hot pink sweater and pink pants with a hot pink and white-striped belt. Her shoes are blue boots with pink heels and laces. She also wears a blue scarf and pink, hoop earrings with a white bracelet. Her bangs are parted and her hair is in a high ponytail.</p>

Bloom wears a light pink tank top with light blue trim and pink bows and glow in the dark hearts and light blue pants with light blue trim and pink string through it. She also wears light blue socks with light pink toes and pink hearts. Her hair is in a twisted bun with her bangs down.

Bloom wears a light blue top with blue trim off the shoulder with rope rehanging off and white and blue striped ruffles on the end and a blue and white striped ruffle skirt with a gold belt and red ribbon. She also wears a rope bracelet and a blue and white striped cap with a anchor sign on it. Her hair is down. Her shoes are red wedges with blue and white striped straps and a red ankle strap.

Flower Princess
She wears a light blue ruffle dress that reaches the floor with a pink ruffle layer over it starting at the waist, also at the waist starts another layer that is coral blue and sparkly, from the top to waist she has pink flowers on her dress. She also wears a blue necklace with a gem, light blue elbow gloves, and one blue three-gem earring. Her hair is in a twisted bun-like up style with a light blue crown that holds it. Her eye shadow is light pink.

Bloom wears a blue and hot pink strapless bikini top with pink polka-dots on the blue and blue flowers on the pink, her shorts are hot pink with a blue flower on the leg and blue pockets with a blue and pink wavy striped waist band with strings tying them together. Her hair is in a ponytail with her usual season 5 bang style and having a pink flower barrette.

Underwater Explorer
Bloom wears a navy blue top with light blue straps and a white line down the middle attaching to a light blue buckle on a navy blue belt with black ribbons hanging on it ,also having cerulean shorts. Her shoes are the same as her Winx with over-the-knee navy socks. She also wears light blue gloves that go slightly above her elbow. Her hair is in a ponytail with a navy hair bow and her bangs parted.

Bloom wears a pink tank-top under a light blue crop-top with light green trimming, little pink hearts and a gold star on her left chest, and a light green bow on her right side. She also wears a light blue ruffle skirt with gold drawstrings. She also wears blue and light green striped over-the-knee socks with a slight length difference. Her shoes are light pink ballet shoes, but later change to sparkly gold ballet shoes. Her hair is in two braids, tied with light green bows and her bangs are in the season 4 form with a pink sweatband.

Zenith Snow
She has a lavender short-sleeved sweater with a blue shawl overtop with a pink heart decoration. She has elbow-length pink fingerless arm gloves and a ruffly blue skirt over indigo leggings. She has fluffy blue leg warmers over knee-length pink socks and her boots are blue. She also has blue earmuffs with pink puffs.

Fashion Show
Blooms hair is tied in a bun, and her dress has one green puffy sleeve, a blue dress which is tied in the middle,and another long green piece going round her dress and legs. She wears blue heels.

Civilian Outfit
Bloom wears a pale blue collared-top under a light pink sweater with black buttons and accents, also there is a hot pink bow near the collar of the under-shirt. She also wears a light grey mini-skirt with thin, pale pink plaid designs and light pink tights with grey diamonds. Her shoes are dark grey heels with pale blue socks that has hot pink lining. Her hair is in a braid with a pink hair-bow tying it at the top and a pink bow on the bottom, also her bangs are in front and spread out around her forehead.

Pajamas Outfit
Bloom wears a pink tank-top under a baby blue off-the-shoulder midriff top with pale green and pale pink stripes, also there is a knot tied on the left side. She also wears pale green shorts with a baby blue waist that has a hot pink bow and pink polka-dots. Her shoes are actually two-layered socks, the top layers are ankle socks that are pink with light green heels and tips while the under layer is a light blue shin-length sock with pink trimming. Her hair is mostly in a bun on the top of her head, but some is down and her bangs are spread out around her forehead.

Linphea Outfit
Bloom wears a mostly gold/tan long dress with the top portion, an off-the-shoulder puff-sleeve top with a pink corset decorated with hot pink laces and a yellow/gold bow on the top. Her dress also has a gold/tan waistband with a light blue belt ending in a hot pink tassel and a two-layered skirt with pale yellow, gold/tan, beige, and beige with pink plaid design squares and yellow ruffles on the end of the first layer. Her shoes are light brown cowgirl boots with tan tips. She also wears light purple beaded earrings ending in light blue triangles. Her hair is down with a small bun tied in the back and parted bangs to the left.

Gym Outfit
Bloom wears a lavender top with soft green trimming under a hot pink, green, purple, and yellow midriff sweater with pink sweat pants that has yellow side-lining, a green waist with lavender drawstrings, and a green pant leg under her sweat pants on the right leg. Her shoes are hot pink, purple, and light purple ankle-boots with a light purple neck and purple straps. She also wears a necklace with a yellow heart on the end, but is hardly visible because of her sweater and green bangle bracelets on her left arm with purple hoop earrings. Her hair is in a high ponytail with a purple cloth tying it, and her bangs are spread out across her forehead with short pieces of hair dangling in-front of her ears.

Domino Outfit
Bloom wears a lilac dragging-dress with the front of her legs showing(knee to feet) with ruffles along the top, orchid trimming on the end, a baby blue ruffled knee-length layer under it, periwinkle lining, and also sports no straps/sleeves. Her shoes are purple heels with straps up to her ankle and a deep purple bead on the highest strap. She also wears a gold necklace that covers her neck and collar bone, a purple chest-belt made of straps with gold gems around it, on her left wrist she sports several gold bangles and a purple bracelet with gold gems around it, and her right wrist sports one gold bangle with several purple bracelets that have gold gems around them. Her hair is knee-length and her bangs are mostly parted to her right, but still has a piece on her left. Her wings are translucent purplish-pink with purple beads on the trimming.

Egypt Outfit
Bloom wears a baby blue ankle-length dress with brown leopard spots, a tan strap around her collar bone, light pink straps coming from an under-shirt, a tan chest belt with a brown stripe and buckles, and a brown twisted belt on her waist. Her shoes are pale blue wedges with baby blue open-toe straps and twisted ankle straps that are connected to the shoe on the sides. She also wears a tan cuff-bracelet and a tan thick bracelet on her right wrist, a baby blue and a tan bracelet on her left wrist, and pale blue pearl earrings with two tan ribbons dangling to her shoulders. Her hair is knee-length with shoulder-length parted bangs to the right and the sides smoothed back with a baby blue twisted headband that is tied into a bow on the front.

Winter Outfit
Bloom wears a yellow layered dress with a long pink shirt over it under a light blue ruffled layer jacket. She also wears green leggings with over the knee piink socks, with yellow knee high leg warmers and dark blue boots. She has pink finger less gloves and yellow ear muffs, her hair is knee length with two bangs parted left and a long piece hanging down front to the right.

Safari Outfit
Bloom wears a pink shirt with a blue pearl necklace. Over her pink shirt is a two-shaded green jacket. She wears green knee-high boots. Her ponytail is very similar she wears in the previous season when she goes to the beach.

City Outfit
Bloom has a pink top with purple trim and yellow, heart buttons and a blue, long-sleeved jacket. Her skirt is hot pink with layered ruffles. Bloom also has pink socks and black, open-toe heels with ankle straps. Her hair is down. She also wears a golden bangle on her left wrist which has pink hearts dangling from it.

Gothic Outfit
Bloom wears a light blue tunic with a dark blue jacket on top. She has a yellow ribbon on her tunic. She wears a black choker glove on her right hand. She wears dark blue shorts with sparkly blue leggings underneath. On top of that she wears yellow and sparkly black long socks. Her shoes are dark blue and criss-cross like ballet shoes. Her wings are translucent blue with small holes around the trim shaped moth-like and big. Her hair is in a loose ponytail. She wears a dark blue hat with a yellow ribbon around it which also resembles a magician's hat. She also wears a dark blue necklace.

Mother's Day Spring Collection Outfit
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Calavera Outfit
Bloom wears a blue dress with polka dots and golden bangles. Bloom's hair is teased and has a pink flower on it.

Winter Outfit 2
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Zenith Outfit
Bloom wears a white and black patterned dress with elbow length sleeves, the top of her dress has a red collar with a line down the center stopping a red belt with a gold belt buckle with two thin line on both sides and her heels have a similar pattern to her dress with red soles. She wears red fingerless gloves similar to Tecna's Believix gloves, her hair is similar to her original style of Seasons 1, 2, 3 and 4 with curved wings that are red and blue.

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Ladybug Outfit
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Leopard Outfit
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Tourist Outfit
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Time Travel Outfit
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Retro Outfit
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Fruit Outfit
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Dinosaur Outfit
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Jungle Outfit
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Medieval Outfit 1
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Medieval Outfit 2
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Date Outfit
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Pajamas Outfit
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Urban Outfit
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Animal Rescue Park Outfit
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Zenith Outfit
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Swimsuit Outfit
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Paradise Bay Outfit
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Other OutfitsEdit

Magical Princess
Her second outfit is a sparkly sky blue/green blue dress with a sleeve over one shoulder and sky blue/pale blue ruffles coming out. The dress splits at a side/the front of her waist reveling a pale blue fabric underneath; there is a bow that goes around the dress where the split begins. Bloom wears a long-sleeved aqua top with yellow and pink trim. She also wears aqua pants tall yellow boots with pink heels, pink gloves, a pink scarf, and a yellow hat.

In her Hallowinx outfit Bloom wears a short spaghetti strap blue dress with black tights, turquoise socks, and black boots with light blue accents and laces. She wears a blue and black choker, dangle earrings with a pink at the end, and a short blue arm warmer on one arm and a black one one the other. Her hair has blue highlights and is up in pigtails. Her wings are blue.

Music Band Doll
Bloom wears a shot sequenced blue dress with a pink and pale blue ruffles at the bottom. She has fluffy white-blue sleeves that connect behind her head. She wears pink boots.

Bloom's hair is long she wears a tiara, she keeps her Winx wings, wears 2 light blue shells with a pearl between them, her tail is blue and ruffled at the end She Can Sing Like A Mermaid.

Domino Suit
Bloom's Domino Suit is a turquoise jumpsuit.

Gardenia Snow
Bloom's Gardenia snow outfit is a pale blue long sleeved shirt. She wears green leggings under a brown miniskirt. She also wears a pink hat and brown knee length boots.

Domino Gown
The gown she is shown wearing at the end of the movie is dark blue at the top, a lighter blue at the bottom, and a frilly white skirting around the bottom of the dress, she also wears a small tiara on her head.

Bloom wears a yellow shirt with a light pink jacket that ties in the front. She has a blue scarf and blue pants along with pink, arm gloves. Bloom wears pink boots and her hair is in a braid.

Bloom wears a blue, riding coat with hearts that are attached to the side, pink gloves, and navy blue, knee boots. Bloom's hair is in a braid.

Magical Adventure Pajama's
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Magical Adventure Gown

Bloom wears a blue dress that has purple lace on the skirt. She wears blue and purple bands on her upper arms and light blue gloves. Her hair tied back in a half-ponytail, with three small beads in her hair, and small blue rose's on the top, gloves and the bands.

Glam Rock Outfit
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