Here is all of Stella's official outfits she wears in the series and movies.

Season 1 Edit

Princess of Solaria Edit

Stella's Princess outfit consists of an orange top with sky blue ribbons on her shoulders with a matching long orange skirt that reaches down to her ankles. She also wears a sky blue belt and orange wedges. Stella also wears a silver crown that's similar to the Ring of Solaria's design. Stella's wings are also visible.


Casual Dance Outfit


Formal Dance Outfit

Dance Edit

Stella wore an orange maxi dress with a blue jewel at the center. She also wore a turquoise scarf and a headband that changes into different colors - orange,blue and purple.

Stella's other dance outfit consists of a pale tank top and an orange capris trousers. Stella also wears a green belt with a yellow and orange heart in the middle. Her shoes are green wedges. She's also wearing an orange upper arm bracelet and a pink headband.

Pajamas Edit

A pale yellow nightgown with matching pale yellow slippers.

Miss Magix Edit

1. A burgundy sleeveless, turtle neck top with her stomach showing, a blue skirt with a purple belt, a pair of purple-ish sandals/wedges and a blue headband.

2. A dark blue, one shoulder dress that stops halfway her thighs, a pair of dark blue heels and a dark blue headband.

3. A short light green shirt with a pink top on top that shows her midriff. She's also wearing a light purple skirt with a matching headband.


Date Outfit

4. Cowgirl Outfit - A teal midriff jacket, an orange bell bottom trousers, with an orange bandana around her neck, and brown cowboy boots. She's also wearing a brown cowboy hat.

Date Edit

Stella wears a baby blue halter dress with a light blue long sleeves underneath. She also wears a pair of light blue heels and a bunch of bracelets on her left hand.

Season 2 Edit


Civilian Seasons 2-3

Civilian Edit

Stella wears a green and pink striped tube dress with a pink belt with a star on her left hip. She also wears a pair of pink wedges, a pink headband and green star earrings.


Camping Outfit

Camping Edit


Witch 1 Outfit

Stella wears a pink midriff top with an orange bikini top over it. She also wears a matching orange shorts with a fuschia pink sweater tied around her waist. Her boots are pink with orange heels and pink laces. And she also wears an orange and pink striped headband.

Witch Edit

1. Stella wears a dark blue, sleeveless top that show her midriffs with a vampire-type collar. This is paired with a dark blue pants and purple-ish heels. Her hair is in a pigtail.

2. Her second outfit is a dark red and dark magenta dress. She wears a matching dark magenta gloves to her elbows and boots. And her signature hairband is turned into a dark magenta hair bow.


Back To School Outfit

3. Her third outfit consists of a dark red sleeveless top with a skull design, which is paired with a dark magenta skirt and a purple belt. She's also wearing a pair of dark magenta mid calf boots, dark magenta netted tights and a long matching bracelet cuff on her right arm. Stella's hair is in pigtails.

Back To School Edit

Her back to school outfit is a pink baby criss cross halter top with a matching capri trousers and headband. She's also wearing an orange with yellow heels wedges, a red belt with red beads hanging on it and a matching upper arm bracelet and earrings.


Dance Outfit

Dance Edit



Stella wears a yellow halter dress with an orange dress underneath. She's also wearing a yellow and orange knee-high boots and an orange headband.

Red Fountain Concert Edit

Stella wears a light blue tube dress with a pink heart belt and a matching bracelet. She's also wearing a pair of pink heels and light blue armwear. Stella's also wearing a pink headband and a pink ribbon necklace.

Gardenia Edit

A one shoulder, orange midriff top with a blue star on her left shoulder that has a lot of ruffles. She's wearing a knee-length jeans with orange ruffles at the end and an orange belt. Her strap heels are orange and she's wearing a blue headband. There are orange ruffles on her right arm.


Outfit 4

Season 3 Edit


Outfit 3

Shopping Edit

1.Stella was wearing a pale midriff top with a matching skirt (you can only see up to her thigh, therefore her shoes are not visible) She was also wearing a blue headband and very light makeup.


Outfit 5

2. Stella wears pink high heels and purple midriff, halter top with matching pencil skirt that's peplum at the hems. There's also a long, pink ribbon attached to the skirt. She's also wearing very light makeup.


Outfit 7

3. Her third outfit was a deep pink dress with pink and sky blue ruffles. She wears a similar shade headband and there are light pink ruffles around her wrists.

4. She wore a pale midriff top with a pale ruffly skirt that has a long, light pink ribbon around her waist. Stella's also wearing purple-ish gloves up to her elbows, and a flower headband. Stella's heels are of similar shade of purple to her gloves.

5. Stella's fifth outfit is a blue high-low dress with purple heels. Instead of a headband, she's wearing a pair of purple sunglasses. Stella's also wearing a necklace, bracelets and purple eyeshadow.

6. Stella's sixth outfit was rockstar themed. She's wearing a baby pink wig with a purple headband. A long sleeved, cut out midriff top, blue, ripped skinny jeans with a deep pink sweater tied around her waist. Stella's also wearing a pair of purple heels, pink leg warmers and sweat bands and blue star-shaped earrings.


Princess Ball Outfit

7. Stella's last outfit is a red high-low gown; front stops mid-thigh and back is floor-length. Her dress shows her midriffs, and has three flowers going up and down. She wears a pair of red heels with purple gems. She's also wearing a red headband and bangles.

Stella's Princess Ball Edit

Stella's wears a hot pink, sparkly, off shoulder dress- her right has a sleeve down to her elbow, while her left has a silver shoulder strap. Towards the hem of her dress, the color fades contrast into a peachy-yellow shade and back to pink. Stella's also wearing a silver, glittery belt and earrings. Stella's hair is up in a ponytail style which is being held by a blue star-shaped hair clip.


Disco Outfit

Disco Edit

She's wearing a green dress that stops halfway her thigh. Her dress has a baby pink-colored fur collars. She's also wearing a pair of light green ankle boots which also has furs around her ankles. Stella's hair is styled back with a pearl barrette. She's also wearing pearl bracelets, pink heart-shaped fur earrings and she's carrying a pink heart-shaped fur purse.


Dance Outfit


Biker Chick Outfit

Dance Edit

Stella wears a ballerina-like outfit, her dress is orange, with yellow stars, and her tutu is the same shade as her dress. On top of this is a corset-like top, which is a lighter shade of orange/yellow-ish in color, with green straps underneath it. She's also wearing green ballerina pumps, with laces, pink legwarmers, with a yellow star on it, and two orange ribbons wrapped over the legwarmers. Stella's also wearing a green and pink sweatband, and sweat wristbands- blue and green on her right wrist and orange and green on her left wrist. Stella's hair is in a bun shape, with a few strands loose, held by a pink hair tie with a blue heart on it.

Biker Chick Edit



Stella's wearing a pink long sleeved midriff top that has baby blue shoulder pads and a pair of elbow pads. Her trousers are mainly pink with blue details along her thighs. She's wearing blue knee-high boots, blue biker gloves and pink headband. She's also wearing a blue belt that has an 'S' belt buckle. Her helmet is a deep shade of blue, with pink visors and yellow stars designed onto it.

Pajamas Edit

Stella's pajamas is a blue, ruffly, cropped top with a hot pink and green heart on the middle. She also wears a blue, ruffly shorts with a pair of long, over-the-knee, purple socks, which comes up to mid-thighs. Stella's also wearing a pair of light green/yellow-ish slippers and a pink headband with a bow on the side.

Season 4 Edit


Civilian Season 4

Civilian Edit

Stella wears an orange tube dress, with a pink belt. She also wears a pair of lime green heels, and pink ankle socks. Stella's also wearing a green bangle bracelet on her right wrist and pink star shaped earrings. Stella's bangs are also not styled as it has been in Seasons 1-3, instead her hair is in a side fringe.


Band Outfit

Band Outfit Edit

Stella's band outfit consists of a black corset top with polka dots, and her midriff is showing. She's paired this with a black mini skirt and black and orange tights, her orange belt has chains attached to it. She's also wearing an orange cropped, long sleeves jacket, with a high collar. She's also wearing orange knee-high, high heeled boots, which has black ribbons tied around the top of it. Stella's hair is tied in a high ponytail, held back by a black hair tie with an orange star attached.


Love & Pet Outfit

Love & Pet Edit


Stella wears an orange romper shorts, which has dog bones designed all over it. On top of this, she wears a cropped, light green sweater, which comes down to her elbows. She wears a pair of orange, ankle boots with heels,and pink, fuzzy ankle socks. Her hair is in low pigtails, tied with pink hair ties.

Exercise Edit


Painting Outfit

Stella's exercise outfit is a cropped, pink tank top with a yellow ribbon attached to the center. On top of this, she wears an orange long sleeves sweat jacket, which has green hems/edges and a green hoodie. She's paired this with a pair of cropped, pink sweatpants, with green hems/edges, and 'Stella' is printed on her right thigh. She also wears a pair of orange and green sneakers and pink ankle socks. Stella's hair is styled in low ponytails, tied with pink hair ties with green stars.

Painting Edit


Cowgirl Outfit

Stella wears a cropped overall, with a deep pink, cropped, sleeveless, turtle neck top. She's also wearing a pair of deep pink heels and a light pink belt. Her hair is down, and she's wearing a couple of little pink barrettes.

Cowgirl Edit

Stella's cowgirl outfit consists of an orange and hot pink cropped tube top. She's paired this with a blue high-low skirt. She also wears brown cowboy boots, an orange bandana around her neck. Stella's also wearing several bangle bracelets on her right wrist.


Pajamas Outfit

Pajamas Edit


Travel Outfit

Stella's pajamas consists of a green tank top underneath a pink tank top. She's also wearing an orange sweatpants, with a green line going down the side. Stella's hair is in low pigtails, tied with thick, orange hair ties.

Travel Outfit Edit

Stella's travel outfit is a green and purple, long sleeved top, underneath a yellow, cropped rompers with purple straps. She's also wearing a pair of yellow, orange and green striped long socks, with a pair of orange Converse-like sneakers. Stella's hair is up in a high ponytail with a pink hair tie.


Tutti Frutti Outfit

Tutti Frutti Edit



Stella wears an off-shoulder, short sleeved top, covered in pineapples. She's also wearing a green skirt, with purple hemlines and orange wedges. Stella's also wearing a couple of bangle bracelets on her left wrist, a pair of green hoops earrings, and a pineapple barrette. Stella's also carrying a pineapple bag, with purple straps.

Swimsuit Edit

Stella wears an orange bikini, with an orange star on her bikini bottom, on her right hip and a purple star in her hair.


Explorer Outfit

Explorer Edit


Date Outfit

Stella's explorer outfit consists of a teal crop top with a pink cropped, short sleeved jacket, and a pair of orange shorts with a pink belt. She's also wearing pink and green sneakers with orange ankle socks. Stella's also wearing a teal hat with a pink band and yellow star.

Date Edit

Stella's wearing a pink, off-shoulder top with polka dots, and yellow bikini-top-like underneath. She's also wearing a green and yellow ruffle skirt and a pink belt, witha yellow flower as the belt buckle. Stella's wearing a pair of hot pink, knee-high boots with heels and a red headband.

Season 5 Edit


Civilian Season 5

Civilian Edit

Stella's civilian outfit for season 5 is a halter dress with many layers. The top layer is styled as a deep purple bow shape, with two golden stars going down the middle- the halter straps are orange. The next layer is a lighter shade of purple, then the next is orange, then light purple, then orange again. The dress stops by her mid-thighs. Stella's wearing purple knee-high boots with heels, which has orange ribbons around her ankles, and with that purple knee-high socks are quite visible, She's also wearing a purple headband with a pink bow.

Pajamas Edit

Stella's pajamas is a red tank top, with purple straps. Her pants are light pink with yellow vertical stripes and a dark pink hearts on them, also its waistbands is red and their leg hems/cuffs are purple. Her signature bangs are turned into a side fringe too.


Band Outfit

Band Edit

Stella wears a yellow, off-the-shoulder, long sleeved top. She's also wearing black mini skirt with white stripes going vertically, which also has 2 buttons going down the middle. Also, Stella's wearing a black vest with white stripes going vertically, which also has orange collars. She's also wearing knee-high boots with heels, which has ribbons on the top and and long black socks that goes up to her mid-thighs. Stella's also wearing purple beaded, pearl necklace and her hair is in long, braided low pigtail, with a few strands of her bangs framing her face.


Sailor Outfit

Sailor Edit

Stella's sailor outfit consists of a red cropped top, which has a white collar and sleeves hems, yellow buttons, and light blue and yellow stripes on her collar and sleeve cuffs. She's also wearing a blue and white striped cropped pants, with red trim strip on top and sky blue braided belt. Stella's heels are red, with blue and white stripes and golden braided slings. Her hat is mainly white, with a red strip going around it, and a red bow on the side. Stella's also wearing several bracelets on her right wrist.


Disco Outfit


Stella wears a purple tube top with a black, cropped sleeveless dance jacket, with orange hood strings. She paired this with red disco pants and a black studded belt, with an 'S' as the belt buckle. Stella's also wearing purple knee-high boots with heels, which has many boots straps. She's also wearing a purple ribbon around her neck and a purple star-shaped barrette.


Cafe Outfit

Cafe Edit

Stella wears a white and magenta striped top- her right arm has a sleeve down to her elbow while the left is sleeveless. She's wearing a pink mini skirt underneath the top. She has an orange scarf, with white polka dots all over, on and a pair of red enclosed heels with purple laces. Stella's also wearing various bracelets, a pair of orange earrings and a flower barrette in her hair.


Flower Princess Outfit

Flower Princess Edit

Stella wears an orange tube dress, with a transparent overlay material on top- the overlay see through material has flowers attached onto it, and there's a purple ribbon around her waist. Stella's hair is styled into a more sophisticated look- an updo.

Underwater Explorer Edit

Stella wears a dark orange/red-ish, sleeveless jumpsuit that has several brown straps on her thighs, ankles, waist and it's also used as her jumpsuit's shoulder straps. Underneath her jumpsuit, Stella wears an orange, three-quarter sleeved top. Stella's also wearing a belt and her hair is down.

Ballet Edit

Stella's outfit consists of a pink, long-sleeved shirt, down to her elbow, which has a wide, purple snood-like collar. On top of that, she's also wearing an orange, sleeveless crop top. Stella's paired this with an orange and lavender mini skirt, and a pair of orange leggings underneath that. Stella's wearing a pair of orange ballet shoes, a purple headband and various bracelets on her left wrist. There's also a ribbon strip-like wrapped around Stella's right arm.

Zenith Show Edit

Stella's wearing an orange jacket with a purple belt, which has a bow on the side. She's also wearing a baby pink, flared skirt, with a very thin orange belt attached to it. Underneath this, Stella's wearing a dark purple leggings. She's also wearing a pair of purple ankle boots. On top of her purple leggings, Stella's wearing striped knee-high socks/legwarmers, that consists of various colors, which goes in this order- baby pink, orange, sky blue, orange, then repeat. On top of these knee-high socks/legwarmers, Stella has a pair of pale, furry legwarmers on. Stella's also wearing a striped bobble hat that matches her socks/legwarmers, with the same color design. She's also wearing a baby pink snood and pale, furry wrist cuffs similar to her legwarmers.

Season 6 Edit

Civilian Edit

Stella's civilian outfit is very formal and professional. Stella wears a baby pink, long sleeved dress shirt, which has ruffles down her chest, with a black bow on the center, and the cuffs of the shirt has black buttons going down it. On top of that, she wears a blazer with grey trims, which is a darker shade of pink. Stella has paired this with a purple-ish/light grey ruffle skirt, which has small grey and white hearts printed all over it. Stella's also wearing a dark grey belt with a pink buckle. She's also wearing a pair of pink tights, with a pair of dark grey heels, and a grey and white plaid headband. Stella's hair is down, with curled pieces framing her face.

Linphea Outfit Edit

Stella wears a royal blue, cropped hug shoulder-type top (the neckline is bigger, showing more of her shoulders), and underneath this is a lacey, purple tank top. She's paired this with a quilted skirt- each square's design is plain blue one, a plain dark purple one, a plain light purple one, and a light purple, plaid one, each alternating patterns. Stella also wears a purple choker, a thick purple and blue belt with translucent strings hanging from the right side. Stella's also wearing a pair of purple, fingerless gloves, which has flowers wrapped around the wrists. Stella's wearing a pair of brown cowboy boots. Stella's hair is down, with her signature bangs framing her face, now in braids.

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