The Winx Club (Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Layla, Tecna)

Lord DarkarEdit

Lord Darkar is the primary villain of season two. He is an ancient being from the beginning of when all things were created. Darkar is dramatically opposite to the dragon, but like the dragon, he is very powerful. The dragon is the source of energy and light, while Lord Darkar absorbs it, making his essence the opposite of the Dragon's Flame. He kidnapped the pixies, rescued the Trix from their prison and used the Codex and Bloom's powers to open a portal to the Realm of the Realix. Darkar nearly succeeded in his plot to claim the ultimate power and rule the magical dimension, but in the end, Darkar was defeated by all six Winx members, who banished him to the dark realm from which he was spawned.

Dark Bloom is Bloom after being turned evil by Darkar's shadow magic. In her first appearance, she destroyed half of Alfea's secret archives, defeated the rest of the Winx Club and sent a piece of the codex to Lord Darkar. In the last episode of season 2, she entered the realm of Realix to claim the ultimate power, initially with the intention of handing it to Lord Darkar, but after Sky professed his love for her, the small drop of good in her was strong enough for her to regain control of herself and she used her healing powers to cure herself of the dark spell. She then returned the ultimate power and helped the other fairies defeat Darkar. Her outfit was black-navy.

Keborg is a bat-like creature that serves Lord Darkar as a spy.

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