Winx Lovix
Lovix is the second evolution and a higher fairy transformation for Believix Fairies, and is the second Gift of Destiny, known as "the Gift of Heart." It enables Believix Fairies to withstand extreme cold and have all of their unique fairy abilities based on ice and snow.

Only Roxy is not given this evolved and greater Believix form, as she is not a true Believix Fairy but remains on the basic Winx/Fairy level.

This evolved transformation was seen in the Season 4 episodes "Aurora's Tower" and "Bloom's Challenge."

Spells Edit

Bloom Edit

  • Ice Flame
  • Ice Shield
  • Blooming Ice
  • Dragon Fire

Stella Edit

  • Winter's Thaw

Musa Edit

  • Snowy Melody

Tecna Edit

  • Chilled Breath

Flora Edit

  • Frosty Vine

Layla Edit

  • Frostbite