Project Pictures -

Is a group of users who have the task of improving articles and the images on the site by uploading and cataloging images & animated gifs for articles where necessary and improving the quality of previously uploaded images and gifs.

The Mascot of Pic School Musa Musa lovix

Shows you are a student in this School.



Name Signature Joined Since Status
Flora123  Flora123Flora Enchantix Stock Art September 7, 2012 Inactive
Haileymarie20009  haileymarie20009463px-Bloom Winx Stock Art 2 September 10, 2012 Inactive
MagicAddict MagicAddictLaylaName September 7, 2012 Inactive


Q&A Put this at the talk page of this page. The ones in BOLD do NOT erase. The regular text is my answers though.

Place Name Here = HaileyMarie20009

1. Hoe much Winx pictures do you have in stock? = Alot!!!!

2. How long have you been editing on this wiki? = September 2, 2012

3. How many edits do you have? = 26

4. Please add your profile picture = 180px-Bloom%21.jpg

5. Place Signature = haileymarie20009463px-Bloom Winx Stock Art 2

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)Edit

May I join more than 1 school?Edit

Yes you may. Because you may need to help expand it you know.

Should I place the template on my page?Edit

Yes you must so that if people check out your user page, people will see what school you're from.

Should I fill out all of the admission test?Edit

You should because it is essential. I need to know more about you and why you wanna join.

How do I put in my profile picture without uploading it?Edit

Right click your Profile Pic then look for open picture in new tab then copy the URL and paste it.

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