Queen Samara is the fair and kind redheaded ruler

Queen Samara
Queen of Eraklyon
King Erendor (husband)
Sky (only son)
Thoren (nephew)
Daphne (aunt-in-law)
Bloom (daughter-in-law)
Queen Marion
Queen Niaobi
King Oritel
Diaspro (somewhat)
Magical Abilities
High-level fairy magic

of the people of the world of Eraklyon. She is husband to King Erendor, mother to Prince Sky, aunt to Thoren, and mother-in-law to Daphne. She is a minor, supporting character, but makes less appearances than her husband and king does.

Appearances Edit

Season Two Edit

  • The Wrong Righters (debut)

Season Five Edit

  • The Pillar of Light
  • The Eclipse
  • The Devourer (cameos)
  • The Singing Whales (cameo)