Roxy's Winx/Fairy form was achieved when a thoroughly saddened and angered Roxy tapped into her innate, inherent magical abilities due to her beloved pet dog Artu being wounded by Ganthos' evil magic. For some reason, it does not have the smaller non-glittery wings but wings befitting of Believix Fairies, even though this was the very first time that she had transformed into the Fairy of Animals.

Spells Edit

  • Enchanted Cloak
  • Wolf Claw
  • Wild Heartbeat
  • Scorpion's Tail

Episodes when Used Edit

Season Four Edit

  • The Pets' Pursuit (first time)
  • Roxy's Energy
  • Bringing Magic Back
  • The New Witch in Town
  • The Virtual Hideout
  • Island Tricks
  • Diana's Attack
  • The Fairy of Justice
  • Aurora's Tower
  • Bloom's Challenge
  • The Wizards' Trap
  • Home at Last
  • Duel in the Omega Dimension

Season Seven Edit

  • Young Fairies Grow Up
  • Butterflix
  • The Golden Butterfly
  • New Magic Harmony

Trivia Edit

  • Roxy assumes this basic fairy-level in Season 7, which takes place two years since she had enrolled at Alfea, in Season 5, as a first-year student. For some reason, it has not evolved into the enhanced Charmix level.
  • In Season Seven, its transformation sequence is reanimated.