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The Second Season of Winx Club premiered on September 10, 2005 through March 11, 2006. Layla, the pixies and Helia are added to Winx Club in this season.

Overview Edit

In this second series most of the characters from the first season return to continue the series, but new characters are introduced as well. In the first episodes, Stella, Musa, Flora, Tecna and Bloom return to Alfea after their summer vacation to begin their second year. As Bloom again meets with the other members of the Winx Club she suddenly becomes separated and wanders deep into the halls of Alfea pursuing a flying seahorse like creature, a Fortune Fly. The Fortune Fly leads her into the classroom of the resident psychic pixie that tells her that their meeting is nothing short of fate and proceeds to tell her future.

In the vaguest of terms she tells Bloom that she will meet a new friend, a new enemy, and have an adventure unlike any other. About this time the scene changes to show Layla climbing a giant stalagmite. When she reaches the top she finds her friends, a group of pixies confined behind a magical barrier. As she helps these pixies escape, she set off alarms and attracts the attention of Lord Darkar. Lord Darkar pursues and recaptures all but one of the escaped pixies and throws Layla and her pixie off a cliff. As Bloom and the other Winx Club girls leave Alfea, a visibly shaken Layla wanders onto their path and faints.

Layla explains her reason for being in Shadowhaunt and requests help to rescue the pixies - the Winx Club and Specialists oblige.

Over the course of the season, Lord Darkar helps The Trix escape from their prison. The witches in return help Lord Darkar unite the scattered pieces of the Codex. The members of the Winx Club learn from the pixies that their hidden village contains a piece of the Codex and vow to protect it and the others.

New Places, Locations and Characters Edit

Items Edit

  • Charmix is a fictional object in Winx Club. These objects are obtained when a fairy does something that helps them get in touch with their true self. A Charmix accompanies a special transformation. It usually has a crystal of some sort on the upper outfit and a purse of some sort on the shorts/skirt. In the 4kids dub, the Charmix transformation sequence was shortened and thus wasn't very detailed. A Charmix, when called upon by a fairy, enhances the fairy's powers and also grants them new powers. The Charmix seems to have a limit when the user doesn't have any more Winx (as shown when the Winx girls weren't allowed to access their Winx during their stay in the Resort Realm). The Charmix disappears when the Winx within the Charmix has run out. It appears that when the fairy can use her Winx, the power within the Charmix gets even stronger, further enhancing the powers of the fairy. It is said that the Charmix and the Gloomix are equal in power. The Charmix were abandoned in season 3, having been displaced with Enchantix.
  • Gloomix A necklace or bracelet that was given to The Trix by Lord Darkar. This object is fuelled by very dark magic and the hate the owner feels towards someone or something. The Gloomix made the witches' powers stronger and gave them new powers. As stated by The Trix, the Gloomix appears to also have a limit to how many times it can be used in a day. (such as when the witches gave their power to the monsters that were attacking the Winx Club). It was said by Stormy that using the Gloomix took a lot out of her and they all were weak. It is said that the Charmix and the Gloomix are both equal in power. Like the Charmix, Gloomix was abandoned after the season.
  • The Codex is a magical object in Winx Club universe which grants the user the power to control the universe. At the beginning of the story, the Codex has long ago been broken into four pieces. Lord Darkar's goal is to find and reunite these pieces so that he can take control of the universe.

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