Witch of Snakes
Home World
Resides in
Magical Powers
Dark magic
Dark spells
Negative energy generation
Control over snakes
Utilize the Legendarium to its full potential
Levitation spells
Power absorption
Reading empowerment (via the Legendarium)
Persuasive abilities
Master manipulator
Mentors and Teachers
Acheron (formerly)
Bloom (childhood friend)
Acheron (former master/mentor)
First Appearance
"The Legendarium"
Final Appearance
"Winx Forever"

Selina is/was a childhood friend of Bloom's, who had lived her teenage years developing her own strong magical powers as a terrestrial fairy under the teachings of Eldora, who became her fairy godmother. She is the main antagonist of the sixth season.

Biography Edit

As a girl, Selina lived on Earth, in the city of Gardenia, and become good friends with Bloom.

Appearances Edit

Season Six Edit

Relationships Edit

Bloom Edit

Selina had known her ever since she was a little girl. The two had become good friends and had frequently played happily together near Eldora's cottage in the Forest of Flowers. But as the years past, Selina grew more distant towards her and pushed her away.

Eldora Edit

"Eldora was lame. She just wanted me to follow the rules. She never gave me any real power."

In her preteens, Selina had looked up to her as her fairy godmother and teacher in developing and strengthening her innate fairy abilities. However, when she fell under the dark influence of Acheron, she turned against her.

Acheron Edit

"Mighty Acheron, the time has finally come! You will soon be out of that book and back in the real world with me."

Initially afraid of encountering him, Selina easily came to trust the evil sorcerer and willingly declared her allegiance and devotion to Acheron under the light of a full moon. She gladly choose to work for him and become strong enough to release him from the Legendarium that he himself had created in return for teaching her how to harness all of the dark powers of the Legendarium to their full potential, and bestow upon her far greater power. Not wanting the Trix to learn of his existence, she had secret conversations with her master and advisor to help release him into the real world.

Trivia Edit

  • She was the first villain to use the Trix sisters for her own ends in order to satisfy the benefits of another.
  • Like Baltor, she was a main villain with immediate ties to Bloom's past.