Sirenix is the new power that the Winx girls need to achieve in Season 5. Bloom's elder sister Daphne was the last nymph (or fairy) to achieve the ancient fairy power of Sirenix until it was cursed with evil magic by the Ancient Witches. The curse had caused Daphne's own Sirenix abilities and immense energy to turn against her and become a bodiless spirit/ghost.

Obtaining Edit

To obtain the Sirenix, a fairy must find the three gems of empathy, self-confidence and courage during a lunar cycle, otherwise she will lose her powers forever. Later, go to the Lake Roccalucce to activate the source of Sirenix along with the Guardians of Sirenix, who combined powers open the portal to the Infinite Ocean. There Omnia, the supreme guardian of Sirenix, appears stating that the quest is over and the Sirenix was gained at last.

Sirenix Spells Edit

Bloom Edit

  • Spreading Fire
  • Lava Jab
  • Fire of Sirenix
  • Dragon Punch
  • Dragon Kick
  • Ingenuous Protection
  • Dancing Flames

Stella Edit

  • Light of Sirenix
  • Blinding Ray
  • Sun Kick
  • Light Diamond

Musa Edit

  • Voice of Sirenix
  • Music Kick

Tecna Edit

  • Aura of Sirenix

Flora Edit

  • Flower of Sirenix
  • Gaia's Defense

Layla Edit

  • Tide of Sirenix
  • Neptune's Sting
  • Naiad's Attack

Daphne Edit

  • Flame Spiral
  • Dome of the Ocean
  • Dance of Leaves
  • Embracing Wind
  • Essence of Sirenix

Gallery Edit