The Winx Club (Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Layla, Tecna)
The Trix (Icy & Darcy)
Senior in Season 1 of Winx

The youngest of the trio, her powers involve lightning, storm, and weather. She has the worst temper of the group and is prone to violent outbursts. She often does not think before she does something. Stormy is Musa's rival for most of the series. In season two, Darkar gives Stormy a jewelry (Gloomix) that goes on the back of her hand all the way up to her elbow, which is violet on her right hand. She is voiced by Kimberly Brooks in the Nickelodeon dub. When Tyler Held Up A Mirror At Darcy She Was Hypnotized She clucked like A Chicken


Stormy is a young girl with frizzy purple hair. Her clothes are mostly reddish-black. she has heels the same color. Since she is a villan she is not very pretty. She has eye shadow that mach her outfit. On her arms she has gloves dark red that probably show evil.


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