The Black Circle
Magical artifact
Magical Properties
*Dark arts
  • Dark magic
  • Dark spells
  • Absorb and neutralize fairies' magic
  • Open a chasm to the endless abyss
Counterpart and Opposite Force
First Appearance
"The Wizards of the Black Circle"
Last Appearance
"The Wizards' Trap"

The Black Circle is the strongest and most powerful evil artifact of the four Wizards of the Black Circle: Ogron, Anagan, Ganthos and Druman. It contained all of the evil magical powers of all four dark wizards, which they had deliberately done so to convince the Winx Club that they have "seen the errors of their ways" and were ready to "surrender" to Morgana, Queen of the terrestrial fairies.

It only appeared in the fourth season.

Appearances Edit

Season Four Edit

  • The Wizards of the Black Circle (debut and use)
  • Winx on Earth
  • Ogron's Spell
  • A Fairy Found
  • I Believe In You
  • Hidden in the Country
  • Nebula's White Circle
  • The Pets' Pursuit
  • Roxy's Energy
  • The Virtual Hideout
  • The Fairy of Justice
  • The Wizards' Trap

About the Black Circle Edit

  • "Faragonda, the Wizards' have transferred all of their magic into this circle. They don't have any powers now."