The Dragon Fire
Also Known As
The Dragon Flame
The Ultimate Power
The Great Dragon
Rightful Guardians and Keepers
Source of the magical universe itself
Coveted by
The Ancient Witches
The Trix
Lord Darkar
Selina (formerly)
Fairy Transformation
Cosmic Pyrokinesis
Cosmic Theromkinesis
Healing Fire/Flame of Life
Fairy Power bestowal
Power/Ability Advancement
Heart Generation & Redirection
Heat Immunity
Opposing Forces

The Dragon Fire (conmanly known as the Dragon Flame) is the immeasurable and infinite cosmic power of the legendary Great Dragon itself, the cosmic entity that used it to create the entire magical universe and all of its worlds/realms of magic. Once done, the Great Dragon came to rest on a beautiful and harmonious magical world which then became the central planet of the whole magical dimension: Domino.

Centuries passed, and the Great Dragon had bestowed its immeasurably powerful cosmic fire power unto the firstborn child of the King and Queen of its main world. She had acted as the guardian/Keeper of the almighty Dragon Flame for many years until she passed it to her newborn younger sister.

All of Bloom's fire/flame/heat-related spells are derived from this, as are Daphne's.

Known Possessors Edit

  • Daphne (original wielder)
  • Bloom (current keeper)
  • Baltor (practically created from it)

Spells Edit

Bloom Edit

Winx/Fairy Edit

  • Dragon Blast
  • Dragon Fury
  • Ball of Fire
  • Flame Shield
  • Ball of Fire

Enchantix Edit

  • Enchantix Sphere
  • Dragon Energy
  • Dragon Fury
  • Dragon Essence
  • Dragon Fire Fury
  • Full Dragon Energy
  • Dragon Flame Sphere
  • Fusion Fire
  • Dragon Shield

Believix Edit

  • Dragon Wing
  • Dragon Heart
  • Dragon Fire
  • Strength of Life
  • Fire Arrow
  • Fire Catcher
  • Flaming Armor

Sophix Edit

  • Enteral flame

Lovix Edit

  • Dragon Fire

Harmonix Edit

  • Dragon's Embrace
  • Fire Blade

Sirenix Edit

  • Dragon Kick
  • Dragon Punch
  • Fire of Sirenix
  • Dancing Flames
  • Lava Jab
  • Spreading Fire
  • Ingenuous Protection

Bloomix Edit

  • Dragon of Domino
  • Flame Storm
  • Volcanic Attack
  • Red Dragon Orb
  • Flame Storm Vortex Burst

Mythix Edit

  • Wrapping Flame
  • Mythic Fire
  • Flames of Bravery

Butterflix Edit

  • Burning Scales

Tynix Edit

  • Arrow of Domino

Daphne's Spells Edit

Sirenix Edit

  • Flame Spiral

Trivia Edit

  • Its powers could be equal to those of the all-powerful Phoenix Force, a fiery cosmic entity of the Marvel comics.