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The Trix is a trio of [[1]], and the main antagonists of the show. They consist of three witches who are also sisters and they descend from the [Witches|Ancestral Witches], the most powerful and evil of all witches to have ever existed. They do what they are good at: fighting and pairing up with the enemies.


The Trix call each other "sisters" and it is assumed that they are indeed really biological sisters, as the concept of witch covens was never be the Trix, therefore acknowledging them as siblings. In "Twinning With The Witches", Griffin tells the Winx that Witches never work in groups as they always tend to betray each other, thus ruling out the possibility of Witch covens existing in the Winx Club universe. Despite this, they use a convergence at one point. Considering the unusual solidarity among them, the fact that all three of them claim descent from the Ancestral Witches, and that they, along with the Ancestral Witches, are the only Witches known to have worked in groups, it is assumed that they are indeed biological sisters. This is confirmed in "The Problems of Love" when Stormy yells, "We're your sisters!"

Trivi Edit

  • The name Trix originates the feminine form of the suffix "-tor" meaning doer and is the suffix for pracantatrix, incantrix, and praecantrix, all meaning "witch" in Latin. The name also originates from the Latin root word tri meaning three.
  • The Trix and Selina are the only female main villains of the series so far, aside from the movie villains.
  • In the Harry Potter series, one of the Death-Eaters most loyal to the Dark Lord Voldemort is namedBellatrix, meaning "she-warrior". She has a sadistic personality similar to that of the Trix and like them behaves in a cruel, demented and pitiless way, and she also wears clothes similar to those of the Trix in the harry potter film series. However unlike the Trix who work only for their own account, Bellatrix is completely devoted to Voldemort.
    • However, in Season 3 they work for Valtor, who is similar to Voldemort, and display affection for him similar to Bellatrix's love for Voldemort, although unlike Bellatrix they later turn against him.
  • In Magical Adventure, the Trix's appearances were altered. Icy's and Darcy's eye make-up only covered their eyes and not part of their cheeks. Only Stormy remains the same.
  • In Season 3, the Winx Club's Enchantix allowed them to easily overpower the Trix. However, in Magical Adventure and Season 5, the Trix are more or less able to equal the Winx Club in battle, until their ancestors and Tritannus interfered.
  • The Trix are back into their original witch forms in the second episode of the sixth season.
  • In Season 6 Episode 2 it never shown how the Trix got more powerful than the Winx (When they only have Dark Sirenix).
  • According to Iginio Straffi, the Trix are triplets and were born on May 5.
  • They came out in the Nickelodeon Winx Club game, Bloomix Battlealong with all the Winx.