The White Circle
Queen Morgana (originally)
Bloom (temporary)
Mystical Abilities
*Further develop and increase its holder's fairy abilities and spells one hundredfold
  • Open the portal to Tir Nan Og itself
  • Counteract the immense dark power of the Black Circle
First Appearance
"Hidden in the Country"
Last Appearance
"Duel in the Omega Dimension"

The White Circle is an ancient, magical object of immense mystical energy. It belonged to the terrestrial fairies of Planet Earth, centuries ago when they had ruled the human realm and used their unique and powerful fairy magics to make it a better place.

Thought the fifth, sixth and seventh seasons, Roxy is not seen wearing it on her left finger for some reason during her three long years of formal training to become a full-fledged Guardian Fairy of Animals. She neither is seen drawing more inner or magical strength from it to help her with ever-developing-and-increasing fairy powers.

Appearances Edit

Season Four Edit

  • Hidden in the Country (first appearance)
  • Nebula's White Circle
  • The Pets' Pursuit
  • Roxy's Energy
  • The New Witch in Town
  • The Virtual Hideout
  • Island Tricks
  • The Fairy of Justice
  • Aurora's Tower
  • Bloom's Challenge
  • The Wizards' Trap
  • Home at Last
  • Duel in the Omega Dimension

About the White Circle Edit

Season Four Edit

  • "When she has possession of the White Circle, the girl is just too strong!!"
  • "The White Circle is a powerful weapon, Roxy. Do not be frightened. Use it."
  • "It's also the key to the fairies' realm! You need to protect it!"