Magic Winx or just Winx by the fans, is the basic form that a fairy wins by believing in herself.

Powers Edit

In this form, fairies make their first contact with their natural magic, they can attack by throwing basic spheres or beams of energy: Bloom can control the fire, Stella can create bursts of light, Tecna connect to technological devices and manipulate their information, Flora can create or invoke basic roots, Musa can create sonic waves or magic loudspeakers; and Layla can manipulate the "Morphix" giving it basic shapes.

Appearance Edit

The transformation consists in sparkling tops, shorts, skirts and dresses with one or two colors and high heels. Also small and flat wings and hair accessories.

Meaning Edit

In the RAI version is just the name of the group made by Bloom and thanks to Faragonda the word that defines the modern fairy.

In the 4Kids version means more, is the source of power that a fairy has and that identifies her.

In the Nick version appears under the name Magic Winx Charmix and with a new transformation sequence for all girls.


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